Wednesday, 16 January 2008


For a couple of years now (even a few?) we have had a pair of turtle doves bill and coo in our back garden and nest in one of the trees. Last year (or was it the year before?) I watched mummy turtle dove brooding on her precarious nest, heard the tiny cries of the hatchlings, watched as the little chicks grew and grew and teetered on the edge of the nest as they dared to fly. And then one day they were gone, flown away.

I thought that I had seen the turtle doves around again (is it the same pair? do they return to the same spot?) so imagine my utter delight when I noticed an egg in the nest. A small white ovum. I tried to take a photograph of it but was hampered by the washing line and the foliage that was in the way. My manoeuvering did give me a better view of the egg though, and it is actually only half an egg (which explains why I haven't seen mummy turtle dove brooding lately). So no chick this time but also no avoiding that section of the washing line.

Last weekend we went to the Strathbogie Summer Festival and Art Exhibition where I indulged in local berries, no massage, and a Devonshire tea. We stopped to look at the alpacas and baby bear was given a tuft of fleece to feel and take away with her. I bought a long-sleeved Aran knit tunic from the white elephant stall - it weighs nigh on 500 grams, cost $1.50 and is 100% silk. Half a kilo of eggshell white silk.

I always look at the knitted garments in the op shop or at markets, usually with the intention of unravelling them in order to knit something else. But not this time as I love the lines and textures of Aran-style knitting and think that with some careful (machine) stitching and cutting I may be able to use the fabric as is. To make something for baby bear, of course. I can't wear a pale shade like this very well and she has no choice in the matter at present time. There was a lovely Aran-style t-shirt designed by Michael Kors in Vogue Knitting (Holiday 2005) which I had actually considered making a version of for her. This might be another option and would be a great play on scale.


starashan said...

Wow, you describe those birds so beautifully! (Now go do the washing! :P)

greenolive said...

OMG, what a score! The silk I mean.