Sunday, 24 August 2008

this is ... my favourite children's book

Childhood truly does have some magic about it. There are certainly things from childhood that had a magic quality to them, things that seemed to be secret and one of a kind and didn't exist anywhere else in the world except for the spare bedroom at my grandmother's house. That was Eloise for me.

I remember this book so fondly and it's one that I can't wait to introduce to baby bear. Nowadays I would just tap the isbn into good ol' abebooks and have my own copy winging its way to me in no time. In this 'information age' where basically the magic of anything can be dispelled with a quick google search, what will hold this kind of mystique for our children?

I think that I will keep looking for Eloise in the second-hand book shops and perhaps my cry of delight at the old-fashioned thrill of finding something special that you have long sought after will give baby bear a magic moment to remember.
I rawther, rawther hope so.


Unknown said...

This was my favourite too! I had a copy with pages that folded out, might have been the elevator? And I remember her turtle friend... I should try and find it again, such a gem.

Unknown said...

Oh I adored Eloise when I was a kid. She is so much fun. I will have to hunt down a copy for my daughter.

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Ooh yes! Eloise is so delightful!

Victoria said...

I am wondering why I missed out on ever reading or coming across this book, as a kid and an adult! So, will have to look it up in the library..