Sunday, 24 August 2008


Did you know about this? How come no-one had ever told me about Ottobre Design? Why did I have to wait until now? Ah well, I have been fortunate to come across it, and in the most inspiring way - by witnessing what Naomi made from a length of fabric from the Salvation Army and the Autumn Walk in Paris pattern. Recycled style - my favourite! I think that she has done a fabulous job, especially with the pattern matching on those covered buttons, and I am very inspired. I had bought a McCall's pattern to make a coat from my Romeo Gigli wool flannel but this coat is much more what I had in mind.

Anyway, back to Ottobre - I haven't had a chance to get my hands on an issue yet but I really like what I can see on the website. They appear to do four children's issues and two woman's issues each year, available in English, German, Finnish, Dutch or Swedish. Patterns in the children's issues are divided into infants, toddlers and older children's styles.

I gather that the company is Finnish, the layout and aesthetic of the photo spreads is good with a healthy mix of very normal looking children and women modelling the garments. And they're healthy looking garments too - no midriff-baring five-year olds. I suppose that issue after issue the patterns might get a bit repetitive (how many variations on the onesie can you do?) but of course at the moment I want to have a peek at all of them. Anyone have an issue that they are ready to part with (or lend)?


Anonymous said...

ohhhh I know!!! I thought the same thing last year when I first discovered them. I havent made anything from my subscription as yet but they truly are divine.

bunting said...

Amelia, I splashed out and bought a copy from their website last month - it's truly worth the money (UK cost including the postage for 1 copy was about £6). I live in England, and I had the magazine mailed from Finland within 4 days of ordering it. The patterns are absolutely fabulous, all lovely designs, including a good selection for boys. The only downside is that you have to copy each one off a huge layout which has all the patterns printed on in different colours - you need big tracing paper or similar. I was almost tempted to offer mine for swaps, but I haven't yet copied anything ....... But I do recommend getting your own. I am also thinking of getting a one year's subscription, because then you can get one of their useful pattern sets free - like the one showing how to make your own t-shirts - very useful. Hope you get a copy soon!