Sunday, 3 August 2008


James is a lovely little boy who lives across the road from our old house in Melbourne. He is one of baby bear's very first friends. His equally lovely mother is one of my very dear friends. James and baby bear were born twelve days apart and as they grew up, so did Leah and I as mums. Boy, did she see me through some tough times. Thank you Leah!

And so this little jacket is for James.

Again, it's a 100 per cent natural fibres, 100 per cent recycled materials project.

The woollen outer is refashioned from a MaxMara knitted skirt (75 per cent wool, 25 per cent angora, chosen for its delicious softness and warmth), the body lining is from a Princess Tina t-shirt (100 per cent cotton, chosen for its great graphic) and a random dark green t-shirt to line the sleeves (100 per cent cotton, chosen because it toned in). All were purchased at the St Kilda Salvation Army, the first two during one of the designer sales.

The pattern that I used is from The Golden Hands Book of 60 Things to Sew for Children, which incidentally is one of the second-hand craft titles that I reviewed in mixtape #5 (no, not incidental at all really -
editorial honesty gets the better of me, I've been saving this post for until the 'zine came out). Have you got a copy yet?


Wendy said...

Great jacket. Lucky James. I found your blog via "I Op therefore I am", which I really love. Hope you are enjoying your time away from Melbourne.

Tam said...

Lucky James! It's such a cute jacket. Ella has been getting a fair bit of wear out of her wrap cardi in these chilly days! I ordered a copy of Mixtape and devoured it on the tram! I think it might have to be a regular purchase.

Anonymous said...

and THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! it has arrived safely and it looks very cute on my little james :) even better is that it is a size too big so he will have another winter out of it next year.
you are a star!!

naomi said...

totally love this hoodie! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, the coat I made was the Autumn Walk in Paris. The japanese style one was a golden op shop find.