Monday, 4 May 2009

1 project, in 5 queues

Can I do it? Can I possibly be the first person on Ravelry to complete Walling(ton/ford)? So exciting.

Today I completed the right front which was the last of the the main pattern pieces and now it's all blocking.

Problem is, there is a lot of finishing to go - not just seaming and button bands and collar but also two straps for the wrists, the belt and casings for the two sleeves, two fronts and back (which the straps and belt respectively feed through). Good news is that it looks like I am going to have plenty of yarn - whoo hoo.

This has been a great knit so far although the endless stocking stitch is way boring. There is very little shaping - just the armholes, shoulder and neckline - but I'm hoping that all the details with the straps will make it look sophisticated enough. For future garment knitting (yes, I think that there will be more now that I've got the ball rolling) I think that I will have to knit something with a more complex shape or in a pattern stitch to keep the interest up. There are some great jacket patterns around - Darcy, balloon-sleeved jacket - but as if miles of stocking stitch weren't tedious enough, imagine all that in moss stitch. No thank you. I think that I can see the sunrise.


Amy said...

It's so exciting to see all those pieces blocking! Not too much longer and you're going to have a gorgeous sweater!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amelia,

Long time ago! You still have a great and refind (verfijnde) taste : ) I'm very impressed by the things you made! Living in Seatlle now? Like to see you, Tim and baby bear again one day... I live in Utrecht with Mendel, my email is still: Like to hear from you!

big hug XXXX & liefs Eva

bunting said...

I'm glad to see you doing it properly. Does baby bear know you have stolen her foam mat to put nasty pinny things in? I am much more of the 'oh well, that looks about right, let's just sew it up and get it finished camp' - ie very lazy. Love the sweater!