Tuesday, 19 May 2009

make do

I seem to have inadvertently taken a blogging break. What have I been busy doing? Umm, well ... I'm sure that I've been busy, what else could I have been? Maybe just forgetful. Anyway, I love that phrase, 'make do and mend'.

Do you notice a small colour variation in the belt at left? That's the 'make do' bit - making do with what I have. Given that I am knitting Wallingford from recycled yarn, there was really no choice in the matter. I always had anxieties about whether or not I would have enough yarn and always had a contingency plan in place. The centre of the belt will never be on display as it will be contained within the belt casing, hence the portion knit in another colour to save on my main red yarn. Likewise the casings have all been knit from the burgundy as they are on the inside of the garment and will rarely be seen.

All the knitting is finished on this now - hooray - there is just the seaming, finishing to go and the matter of finding three identical, preferably vintage, buckles for the belt and wrist straps. Could be a while yet!

Further, when you can't be bothered mending you have to make do with what you've got in your wardrobe. I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to said wardrobe a few days ago to find that my mending had been taken care of. Yes, the trousers in question no longer actually fit me so there is no longer any need to take them in at the waist. I might spend the time exercising instead ... ha ha, or knitting.

ps - I've been pipped at the post in the Ravelry stakes. Someone recently put up their fully finished garment - no warning whatsoever.

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yarnivorous said...

Doh! Pipped at the post but you are almost there and yours will be high up on the list!
I have to mend my favourite pants - they always fold in a certain way and the fold has worn through.
I am working on a tunic made from an op shop sheet. Not my colours but I'll know how it fits!