Friday, 22 May 2009

someday my prints will come

This is what I imagine all the creative projects queued in my head saying, 'someday the right sewing machine needle will come along', 'someday there will be the right fabric to finish me off', 'someday there'll be some time for the hand stitching'. Ok, these projects are in my head so that is exactly what they say. Anyway, today this project got lucky.

A couple of weeks ago I got Ikea-ed. Anyone who has ever gone in there specifically to buy item X and has come out with half the alphabet knows exactly what I mean. I went there to buy a mattress for baby bear's 'big girl bed' and ended up spending about three times that - an embroidered cushion, an embroidered lampshade, toy cutlery set, toy baking set, etc etc. And a mattress, just as well. So then I dropped in to the nearby Tukwila Goodwill - hooray! - where I bought two Ralph Lauren fitted sheets for said mattress and an Ikea doona cover (one side check, one side floral).

I liked the print and figured that I could make a couple of sheets out of it which is precisely what I have done (well, half done). I ripped the two fabrics apart and this morning was finally grabbed by the desire to hem the edges of one of the sheets.

And that's when inspiration struck. I realised that this floral was just the print for binding the edge of the candlewicked bedspread that has been waiting for ... oh, let's just say several months to be finished. I can't actually remember whether I bought it at a thrift store or a garage sale but it is a white candlewicked bedspread that I had to cut down because half of it was very damaged. Which left me with a raw edge on the bedspread. Until this morning, when I decided that the floral was just the right print.


Tania said...

You are so right. We have the same sheets and I have been pondering their alternative destiny. Quivering in the linen cupboard they are!

Clever Karen said...

I am a sucker for candlewicked bedspreads and have a stash that I need to do something creative with. Thanks for the inspriration - great idea!