Sunday, 3 May 2009

gold rush

Amazing! We went to the second-hand book sale at a church in the University District today. It was a fantastic outing - there was live music, traditional food from Cameroon and an excellent selection of books. I now have more Golden Hands than I know what to do with:

There appears to be every single volume there, kept pristine in the binders plus the fourteen sequel issues. Thank you someone for being so careful and for donating them!

Not to mention the entire sixteen-volume set of Time-Life The Art of Sewing series with volumes like 'Basic Tailoring', 'The Sporting Scene' and 'Restyling Your Wardrobe'.

Each volume has its own fabric cover:

And a book about creativity:

And children's books with wonderful illustrations:

And an absolute deluge of inspiration to boot. Photos of that to come after I make it to the church spare-time fête.


sewing the seeds of love said...

What wonderful finds !
My mum has a very similar sewing box...
That shipping container to get back home to Oz will be big, at this rate !

Di said...

oooh ahhh! Fantastic finds!! Now we can have some great on-line conversations about the projects in their mags, although I don't have them all, and not in such perfectly ordered binders.

blair said...

Amelia, what amazing finds!! I would love to look through those (and see you and b.bear) one of these days, our summer is getting away from us! xo