Sunday, 8 November 2009

1(67) things to make for children

Continuing with my love of 1970s craft books is the Better Homes and Gardens 167 Things to Make for Children. Alas, I think that the title is a misnomer because really, there's only one thing in there that I would consider making - and some of the projects are downright hideous like the doll with a shrivelled apple for a face.

The project that I have made is the Artist's Vinyl Apron. I posted a little while ago about the iron-on vinyl that I discovered and this is the project that I used it for. I'm delighted to confirm that the apron is now complete (although still under wraps until Di receives it).

Of course, one of my favourite things about the 70s craft book is the (rather ridiculous) copy:

There's a little bit of the artist in each of us, but children especially love to grab a paintbrush, dip it (or their fingers) in a paint pot and express themselves artistically.

But before they begin, outfit them with this vinyl apron. Then, just stand aside and watch your budding Picasso create his masterpiece without a worry about splashes and spills.

Funny, I never could imagine Pablo in yellow and white gingham.

(Oh ok, make it two projects because I do love that crocheted granny square dress on the cover too.)

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Ann Gibson said...

I have that book! Well, maybe it's still at my parents' house someplace... I bought it with my own money round about 1978, that would have been age 10. I think I made a bucket bag out of granny squares with a pattern in this book. Also a miserable little doll house that my father helped me with. You'd think I'd have been too old for dollhouses by that time.