Thursday, 26 November 2009

the cheque's in the mail

Truly, they still use cheque books here in the US (ok, check books). Yes, the classic fob-off line is actually valid here!

But honestly, Di, there is a package in the mail for you. Today's educational activity has been a trip to the post office. We went to the PO in the University District which is quite an impressive 1930s structure with lovely lettering but I dared not take a photograph of it, being a federal building and all and times being what they are blah blah. Here instead is a tantalising glimpse of what is inside:


yarnivorous said...

Looks like I am going to be taken away soon.
I have taken pics of the post offices in nearly every town I've been to.
And I took pics of the south bay headquarters of the FBI.... oh dear. If I suddenly leave the States, like on the 10th, don't be surprised!

Di said...

OOooh, yes, what a tease indeed. Will keep my eye on the letterbox...