Sunday, 29 November 2009


This is a perfectly respectable term, really. I even looked it up in the dictionary, just to make sure. It simply means 'love of books' and I do love books - the weight of them, the potential in them, the feel of them and yes, to be honest, the having of them. I have had some great craft book luck in recent weeks that I wanted to share.

Stitch 'n Bitch: the knitter's handbook - ah, the classic. Admittedly published a good six years ago but hey, better late than never. There is lots of good basic information in here that will be of great help to anyone I might teach to knit (think of it as an investment). I bought this for $2.99 at Value Village over in Redmond on a family shopping expedition - what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sew U: the Built by Wendy guide to making your own wardrobe - also not particularly new but a great book to have as a reference that uses contemporary language and styling that I can relate to. Built by Wendy patterns were something that I had only read about on craft blogs when I lived in Melbourne, so I was very curious about this book when it came out. I won this in my beloved knitting group's stash swap (we have a broad definition of stash). I would really like to get hold of the stretch sewing version too.

The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns: basic designs in multiple gauges & sizes - more investment book buying, how could you go wrong? Today's purchase at Value Village in Capitol Hill, again for $2.99. Now I can knit a mitten in every imaginable gauge for any possible size. Or a glove, or a beanie or a jumper (sweater). Also a great book if you want to design or reverse engineer something yourself. (And bonus - this book came with two Minnowknits patterns in the back storage pocket.)

These reviews are pithy because, of course, I haven't actually had a good close read through any of these. Bibliophilia is love of books. I do also love reading but it takes considerably longer than the actual handing over of your three dollars (and besides, I'm too busy book shopping).

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