Saturday, 10 July 2010

best kept secret?

I am not fond of the Victoria's Secret brand - those overblown images of young girls with overblown bust lines does not appeal to me and I would never consider buying underwear from them. (Do they even have maternity bras? The whole idea of lactating, leakage, mastitis etc would not seem to fit well with their sexualised mammary aesthetic.)

But did you know that they also make clothing? I was shopping at Value Village a week or so ago when I found a really great t-shirt claiming to be 'Fashion's Best Kept Secret' with the initials VS. Being someone who has absolutely no need of the signature Victoria's Secret figure enhancements, I mostly just wear t-shirts because blouses simply gape when buttoned up across my bust. So finding a great t-shirt, it doesn't even have to be the perfect t-shirt, is a real challenge. And I think that I have found a really great t-shirt.

I ordered a few online (partly because I didn't want to set foot in one of the shops) - there are many styles but I just went for simple scoop neck, cap sleeves. They are 100 per cent cotton, lots of colours to choose from and quite reasonably priced. Who would have known?

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