Sunday, 4 July 2010

hooked on

Anybody else with an eighties childhood remember those dreadful 'Hooked On ...' compilations? Hooked on Jazz, Hooked on Classics. I actually only remember the ads on television. I really wish that I had watched less television as a child and learnt to crochet earlier. Anyway, hooked on crochet, that's me.*

I actually started out with crochet, long before I learned to knit, but after completing a queen size crochet bedspread I kind of took a break, started knitting and it fell by the wayside a bit. Until recently. There seems to have been more crochet around recently, lovely granny squares and potholders and the like. I've always found crochet to be faster and making the Icelandic Jacket really got me back into it.

Did I ever get around to showing the yarn that I chose to make Bergamot? I decided on Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool in the shade Mulberry. I have been working away at it and am very happy with the results. So far I have completed the body (back and fronts all in one piece to the underarms) twice over in the small size, the body again in the medium size (current incarnation) and one sleeve is a small and the other a medium. I have also added waist shaping somewhere there amongst the bobble rows. My current dilemma is how to blend the size small sleeve with the size medium body. This thing is going to fit!

My other current crochet obsession is this lacy dress from the Japanese magazine Keitodama (issue 137). The pattern is for an 84cm bust (ha ha) in a 3ply/light fingering weight yarn. I'm going to have to scale things up a bit (a lot?) so am swatching in some heavier yarns like this 4ply/fingering weight Rowan RYC Siena (100 per cent cotton, shade sloe).

* The alternative was a happy hooker reference and that's really not me.

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Di said...

Oh indeed I do remember those albums. In fact, the first recorded music that I ever bought with my own saved pocket money was the cassette of Hooked On Classics (volume 1). Dad went to the record shop for me because he worked in The City and there wasn't one close to our home that I could get to.
I like to think my music tastes have progressed since then.
(crochet is growing on me. I have regular fantasies about hooking a lap blanket for my mother for some reason...)