Thursday, 8 July 2010


My first adult garment for the year. Completed some weeks ago but it took so long to finish that I didn't think a couple more would hurt.

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: Woolsthorpe by Martin Storey from Rowan Classic Vintage, Book 28.
100 per cent wool recycled from a J Crew sweater bought at a thrift store.
3.25mm and 4mm.
Start to finish:
17 October 2009 to 21 June 2010 - eight months and I think that I had all but the sleeves and finishing done in the first two weeks. I'm really disappointed that it took a total of eight months because the actual labour ceratinly didn't, it was all of the getting sidetracked and putting it aside to work on something else and whatever that, while it dismays me, seems to be my way of working.
Recycle/stash content:
100 per cent for the yarn, the buttons are from Nancy's Sewing Basket in the Queen Anne neighbourhood of Seattle.

Comments: I knit this garment almost entirely to the pattern. The only modification was to have seven buttons instead of six as I felt they were better spaced that way. There is a lot of 1x1 twisted rib in this cardigan and by the time I finished the ribbing for the back I thought that I may never be able to face it again. That said, the effect is lovely. I worked Vogue single row buttonholes for the first time - very pleased.

Verdict: I can't wait to wear this. I was quite pregnant when I cast on for it - oh wait, that's why it took so long, there was the first six months of a baby's life in there as well - so I was never that confident about the fit but there was nothing to worry about. (It is actually kindly modelled in these photos by my dear friend Anne but it fits me too). It does look decidedly vintage and I am delighted about that. The yarn has produced a luxurious squishy fabric and I love the colour. Very happy.


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This is a fabulous sweater. I love the style!

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This is adorable.