Thursday, 19 June 2008


Oh, did I forget to mention that I made the flight from Melbourne to Seattle with baby bear by myself? Yes, Tim actually came to the US a couple of weeks before us to start work and I stayed behind to pack up the house (my choice to do so).

I have some faint recall from my uni days that in one of her books Virginia Woolf wrote something to the effect that on a particular day everything changed in the world. She was referring (however obliquely) to the publication of Darwin's The Origin of Species and the impact it was to have. Someone who paid better attention in twentieth century literature please remind me which book.

Last Thursday my world changed; I was walking through Seattle airport with baby bear on my hip in the Ergo Baby Carrier and a small suitcase (on wheels) in either hand, plus my handbag and the change bag. I was already a few steps past the security officer when I realised that her comment was directed at me: "Go mom!".

Mom - I am now a mom.


Di said...

Ha! I had to think (to hear in my head actually) to get that. I bet you'll make a fantastic Mom ;) Glad to hear all is well!

pixlkitten said...

Welcome to Seattle!

pam said...

A bit of OzAm from waaaaaaay down south! BRRRRRRRR
Glad to hear you all arrived safely.
Have just caught up with all the latest.
Sounds exciting.

Neal said...

Give me a break Amelia. Now that I have discovered your blog I have no time to do anything else but read.


Neal said...

Just checking that this actually works.