Monday, 2 June 2008

vol 10

Yes, onto volume 10 already (you may recall that we started with volume 9). It's all about beginnings this time actually. I love to look back at the chain of events that leads me somewhere - that because I went to a particular high school which offered life drawing (which I didn't do at the time), because of that I did life drawing later when I was at uni in Amsterdam and because of that I met an Australian guy who had a nice flatmate and here I am, married with an almost two-year old! Yes, I met Tim through his friend Chris because of a life drawing class. rest assured, none of us were the model.

Anyway, volume 10 of Golden Hands: the complete knitting, dressmaking and needlecraft guide features Irish crochet lace which is where a lot of crafty things started for me. I became interested in lace, realised that you could knit lace, started to knit and here I am, knit/craft/life blogging. This volume also introduces a new craft - netting - which while it doesn't really appeal to me is where I think it all started (or at least a lot of it) craftwise.
Fisherman doing their netting way back when, netting became needlework, I discovered crochet and here I am, still haven't knitted any lace yet.

Oh, and the pattern library - well, red's my favourite colour.

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Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh, I had some of those ones when I was a kid! They were great. I still have the complete set of golden hands encyclopedia of crafts. they include everything from lace making to woodwork, to casting in concrete! So many things so little time!