Monday, 23 June 2008

this is ... my favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

This is slow fashion, somewhat akin to slow food where you eat what is in season and locally available and plan your menu from there. Everything in this outfit was purchased at the op shop and that's my personal style. You take what you find, what fits you and that you have a need for and that's it, it becomes your personal style.

blouse - Salvation Army, Malvern - The label is Rusty, a streetwear brand that I doubt I would ever otherwise have encountered; less than $10. I love this blouse - it truly is a favourite.
jeans - Salvation Army, St Kilda - Vicious Threads which I had never heard of before. The waist is a bit loose but fine if I wear a belt (which I do anyway). I bought these at one of their 'designer sales' so they were a bit pricey ($50) but are very similar to my other pair of jeans which cost four times the price.
sneakers - Sacred Heart Mission, East St Kilda - White Puma Roma leather sneakers, not smelly when I bought them, $12. I wouldn't usually go for white sneakers but they were in good condition, exactly my size and I'm happy with them.

What I particularly love about slow fashion is that you become the style that the clothes you find present you with, rather than shopping your heart out for the other way around. It actually takes some of the pressure off and you get to try out things that you otherwise wouldn't have considered (eg bottle green velvet MNG trousers - they're great and at $4 I could afford to give them a try). All of the details on Melbourne's op shopping scene are of course available over at I op therefore I am.

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Bird Bath said...

I love your description of 'slow fashion' - I'm totally into it.
I can't remember the last time I bought clothes from a department store. Confronted with too many choices of very similar outfits I'd much rather opt for the op shop treasures!
Those sneakers look ace!