Monday, 16 June 2008

this is ... the space in which i create

While I am not currently creating in this space, I do hope to again someday. There is nothing more wondrous than to create a human life - every now and then I look at baby bear and the gravity of it hits me.

Not only do you create a new life but also a new self
. Motherhood may not be the meaning of life (although then again it may be) but it has certainly taught me the meaning of life - to live with passion, to live for a greater cause than one's self, to live in every single moment.

Thank you all for your recent enquiries - yes, we arrived in Seattle safe and sound. My previous post pretty much said it all; after the sorting, the clearing, the packing I was exhausted and completely at a loss for words. The flights were fine, baby bear travels well. Our luggage was misplaced between Los Angeles and Seattle which turned out to be a blessing because there is no way that we would have been able to get all of the suitcases into the car! They were delivered that evening to our door (free of charge) by a lost luggage service so that worked out really well.

Now it is just a matter of unpacking and settling in. I have, of course, brought a number of knitting projects with me but they are all stashed away in bags at the moment and I haven't sorted out a craft space for myself yet. All in good time.

This amazing red chalk drawing,
Gravid Uterus by Jan van Rymsdyk, is from 1764 and was produced for William Hunter's The Anatomy of the human gravid uterus which was "the most famous and influential obstetrical atlas of its day".


OzKnitter said...

Yay! Glad to hear you both arrived safely (and your luggage too). I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing your adventures in the US :o)

zoesquid said...

The most beautiful space!

yarnivorous said...

Happy Seattleing! (lol - I made a pun!)
Hope it is going well - we wandered around Fort Collins and then San Jose feeling that things were not quite right... but it gets better!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Now I wish I was going to Seattle with dh and my 13 y.o. grandson in August. They're going to Alaska to fish for halibut and salmon.

Beautiful drawing for you as inspiration to nurture a new chapter in your own life

Red Hen (dette) said...

As an artist and a mother I have to agree. My children have been my finest work (well works in progress!), most interesting and most rewarding.