Saturday, 22 August 2009


Cretaceous. That's me. I am feeling completely, utterly and entirely cretaceous. Hmmm? Cretaceous is an adjective to describe the time period some 145 to 65 million years ago, and not over-tired, sleep deprived, irritable and cranky, do I hear you say?

Careful, or I'll:
ps. we baked gingerbread yesterday, using the recipe from Sweet Old-fashioned Favourites (Australian Women's Weekly) and using the cookie cutters that I bought at Urban Craft Uprising a few weeks ago.


Leonie said...

We made gingerbread yesterday too. Ours was boring circles and rectangles though because I did them while the boys were watching ABC kids. Wasn't in the mood for help! So yummy though, and even our youngest eats it.

Kate Moore said...

I made so many gingerbread men last Christmas I swore I wouldn't want to see them again until this Christmas. But, I was craving gingerbread just this week. The old fashioned, no fuss recipes are the best.