Tuesday, 18 August 2009

getting pinned

Growing up in Australia we got a lot of media from the UK and from the US alongside our own national stuff. As such I read as many Enid Blyton novels as I did Judy Blume, and watched as much Educating Marmalade as I did Growing Pains. And sadly, that was probably many more hours than I spent reading Australian novels or watching local tv. Ah, misspent youth.

But anyway, point here is that I spent much of my childhood getting my head around the lingo particular to each country. The concept of 'getting pinned' was one that I first encountered in, I think, the musical Bye-bye Birdie. Needless to say, I never got pinned. But the doily quilt (yes, I am getting around to something relevant), that is all pinned up.

Here are all the strips of three that I completed a few days ago having the seams ironed open and flat.

And here are all of those strips of three, pinned together to make blocks of nine which I did this morning. Next step is a whole lot of sewing.