Tuesday, 11 August 2009

the finger

Ah, hand stitching. What a pain in the middle finger.

Turns out that stitching through two layers of fulled wool requires a bit of effort and an extra push with the tip of the middle finger, which ends up feeling a bit tender. But, it has been worth it. I'm almost finished and the blanket as a whole is going to lay flatter. And I will be satisfied which is also a good thing.

I would like to continue the recycled theme (all of the wool patches are from jumpers that I bought at the op shop in Australia ... and transported over here, over a year ago, yes) with the backing but am concerned that the whole might end up too patchy-patchy; that is, a pieced backing in different shades and textures of red would vie with the blanket itself.

Ok, just a few more seams before I can retire my middle finger.

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