Monday, 3 August 2009

doily quilt

So, this is what has become of my doily collection. Thirty-five sets of nine squares each, destined to become a nine-patch quilt for baby bear.

It all started with this book - Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts. Have I mentioned this book before? I love this book. It is full of really fantastic ideas for making quilts, some very simple, some incorporating more traditional patchwork piecing and appliqué techniques. Plus a really good techniques section. The quilt in this book that really caught my eye and my imagination was one named Oxfam Flowers, referring to the British charity organisation.

I love needlework and I love embroidery although it's not something at which I have really tried my hand. I also haven't really tried my hand at patchwork finding it often a bit, well, twee. But the idea of incorporating all of those stitches and motifs into one quilt set me to work. And of course, I love the idea of making something new out of something old.

I am going with a different quilt design to that in the book - alternating squares of white and embroidered fabrics, each square made up of nine patches. For the white squares I am using both the leftover fabric from the cut-up doilies and patches cut from all-white doilies. It's going to be quite a challenge now to decide upon a balanced layout - so many colours, so many designs and so many shades of white to boot. Then there'll be the sewing, then a border maybe, then the batting, the backing, the quilting ... oops, ahead of myself. Layout first.


Leonie said...

Watching the progress on this one will be interesting, you'll be giving us regular updates...yes?

Di said...

I'm sure it will balance out fine- a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Sounds wonderful already!

Melany said...

The fabric looks like this will be a gorgeous quilt. I'll definitely be back to see your progress.