Wednesday, 5 August 2009

wagga seams

Ah, hand stitching. So soothing.

The seams on the wagga are quite narrow and some of the fabrics quite stiff, so getting the seams to lay flat is a bit difficult. There will be a backing but I don't want the seams to be bulky through the backing. Anyway, I'm slip stitching along the seams to keep them nicely in place. Yes, it's a bit onerous and Tim thinks that I am nuts but I actually find the rhythm of the stitching very calming.

I'm wondering whether to take the wagga to the dry cleaners to have it pressed. The fabrics are already fulled and flattened out so I don't think that having it pressed would affect the texture of the fabrics. I want it as flat as possible in order to do some embroidery on it and think that would make it easier. Any thoughts?


Unknown said...

Hi Amelia your post title caught my eye , I live close to wagga wagga nsw ! You have done some lovely work , thanks .

Di said...

Hmmm. I think I'm with Tim on this one! But a good steam press always works wonders with getting seams to sit right. If you can't get enough steam action from your own iron then the cleaner's is probably a good idea.