Saturday, 15 August 2009

doily update

I tell you, I could practically give you a daily update on the doily quilt. I am just loving making it and manage to fit in a few seams or some ironing or pinning pretty much every day. I have quite a production-line method in place and it is delivering up results.

At last report, I had started out by pinning all of the squares in the intended configuration onto a spare sheet. Here are a couple up close:

And here are the resulting nine-patch squares:

I am really delighted with how they have turned out. So delighted that I have, in fact, already completed seventeen of them. And the other eighteen have been sewn into three strips of three each and are waiting to be ironed. This has come together so much more quickly than I had anticipated. I do hope that I can keep the momentum going.


Leonie said...

I always find the planning and cutting up stages of quilting take up 80% of the time and then the sewing just flies! It's looking good.

sewing the seeds of love said...

coming together beautifully!

yarnivorous said...

What a cute quilt!
I've found that it takes me FOREVER to do all the pressing that needs to be done for quilting. OMG, the pressing! I've spent about a day this week with my iron.
(Blogger is telling me to stop moaning and get on with it - the verification word is poorso!)