Monday, 20 August 2007

botanic gardens

Ah, it's been a busy weekend, none of it spent at the St Kilda Botanic Gardens unfortunately. These gardens are one of my all-time favourite places and particularly since baby bear was born I have spent a lot of time there.

I have played scrabble games here, hung out with play group, walked every path, just plain old lazed on the lawn, a bit of knitting. Pre-pregnancy this is one of the places that I would run to before breakfast (how pre-pregnancy). I was so proud of myself that I could run the whole perimeter without stopping. I came home and measured the park in the Melways to check just how far that is but can't recall the actual distance now ... it's that hazy! Port Phillip EcoCentre is also located in the gardens and they have a children's singing and music session on Tuesday mornings in term time. It starts at 10:30 and goes for an hour.

I have been working on my sewing projects, slowly but surely. I went to Clegs (did you know that they stock some Rowan yarns now!?) on Sunday afternoon to buy a pintuck foot for my sewing machine. The sales assistant wanted to know whether I had a low-shank machine or not - all I could tell her is that I have a Janome. I ended up buying two feet - one for a low-shank machine and the other one. For your information, a Janome 720 takes a low-shank foot. Have I told you the story of how I acquired my sewing machine? Ah, next time.

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greenolive said...

Yes I did, I found out a week or so ago. And their Rowan's are a bit cheaper than the usual place I buy Rowan. I just had to get three skeins of grey/black Summer Tweed from them. They have nice Italian yarns too.