Friday, 17 August 2007

festooned dress

A while ago a girlfriend bought a lovely musk pink dress at St Vincent de Paul op shop with the idea in mind that baby bear could wear it first and then her daughter who is six months younger. Alas, the dress didn't fit baby bear very well but I thought that I would decorate it a bit before returning it.

I do love striped grosgrain ribbon (and a quick iron does make a difference). Here's a close up of the ribbon, the stitching and, oh look, matching thread:

I bought the ribbon from a wonderful little shop called Specklefarm (111 Bridport Street, Albert Park; tel. 9696 2477; T-F 11:00-5:00, S 10:30-3:30) which is conveniently located opposite Woolbaa - aaahh, knit heaven. Specklefarm is a little shop with a delicious array of grosgrain ribbons in a multitude of stripe and colour combinations, as well as some accessories including self-covered buttons made from the grosgrain ribbon. Very pretty. (There is also a small selection of striped grosgrain ribbon at The Button Shop, along with everything else under the sun.)

Specklefarm is also a couple of doors down from the Uniting Care Southport op shop (T 11:00-4:00, W-F 11:00-5:00, S 11:00-4:00). I have bought some wonderful things there, including the blue-green caftan top that I plan to shirr this afternoon - ok, I plan to practice shirring on some spare fabric and see how it goes.

(I've also posted about the pink dress across at Wardrobe Refashion - have a look at what people are making!)

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