Wednesday, 29 August 2007


  1. My favourite colour is red.
  2. I am married, to Tim. We met over eight years ago in Amsterdam and it turns out that we went to primary school together, just for one year.
  3. I love foreign languages and at one time or another have studied Japanese, French, Italian, Latin and Dutch. Of these, I am most proficient in Dutch.
  4. Career-wise I have variously considered becoming an architect, a speech pathologist, a police officer, an art therapist, a lawyer and a clinical neuropsychologist. I am a public servant which I'm very happy with and am currently looking into studying health economics.
  5. Cat, not dog. As a child and even into adolescence I was very frightened of dogs. I have always adored cats and would love to have my own but Tim is allergic and I love him even more.
  6. Spelling and grammar really matter to me - particularly the use of apostrophes and adverbs. This is dangerous to admit, just in case I make any mistakes here!
  7. I have never so much as smoked a cigarette and intend to keep it that way.
  8. I discovered yesterday that I have ancestors named Abraham Halinbourg and Antonio Giovanni Meriga - fabulous!
Thanks for tagging me Martine!


Di said...

My mind is boggling with the careers you have contemplated! Police woman???! I never would have known...

greenolive said...

I'm with you on number seven. And I really like your folding ruler.

ruby snail said...

Hi Amelia,
I completely forgot about the cards that you gave me, that is up until about five minutes ago, when I found them in my purse! Lovely blog- it makes me feel so happy to be living in Balaclava! I haven't written anything in my blog for a really long time... but hey, I'll be finished with school soon, so hopefully there will be a revival. Now I promise to go and drop one of those gorgeous cards in Heather's postbox.
Love, Ruby.