Thursday, 9 August 2007

patchwork on central park

I had the fortunate occasion to visit this lovely patchwork/quilt/fabric store a couple of weeks ago. Patchwork on Central Park is located at 148 Burke Rd, East Malvern (tel. 9885 4480) - may you also be so fortunate as to visit!

They have a great website with lots of photos of their stock and on-line shopping. Making a quilt, or at least trying my hand at some quilting techniques, is something that is on my hmm-yeah-maybe-one-day-I'll-get-around-to-that list and I certainly have a number of patchwork and quilt books in my collection to support this notion (it would take me forever to actually try my hand at every needlework technique/craft that I have a book on).

Visiting this shop though made me want to start on one straight away. Whilst there I also came across
Childhood treasures : handmade gifts for babies and children by Caroline Zoob. My beloved local library were very prompt in getting it in for me on inter-library loan but I think that it's going to be one of those occasions when I need my own copy. I love this book's aesthetic and need very little inducement to (attempt to) create childhood treasures in my own home.

On a more serious note, I saw I Have Never Forgotten You at the spit-the-dummy session at the Elsternwick Classic yesterday. It is a documentary about Simon Wiesenthal who worked tirelessly after the second world war to have Nazi war criminals brought to justice - eloquent and moving.


Di said...

So glad you finally made it there! Yes it's totally inspiring isn't it... Looking forward to having a peek at the book.

delamare said...

It is a lovely and inspiring shop isn't it! (Although I never seem to get my patchwork projects completed.)

I think we live in the same area too - The Classic is my local cinema too.

Very nice blog.

Lazy cow said...

I love that Zoob book too, and also asked the library to get it, which they did on ILL (why didn't they just BUY it??)