Wednesday, 15 August 2007

more on Gütermann

Yes, I do have more to say about sewing thread. A sewing project always means matching the sewing thread to the fabric, either from what I already have or going out and colour matching - such a pleasure.

Top left is the caftan top with matching blue-green thread that I bought at The Button Shop ready for shirring.

Top right is a piece of Chinese embroidery that I bought at Sacred Heart Mission op shop on Chapel Street last Saturday - 50c, yay. Unfortunately I recklessly put it through the washing machine and as it wasn't particularly well made in the first place it fell apart a bit. Hence four circles of very careful hand stitching to bring it all back into shape and three matching sewing threads.
The black I already had (of course) and the orangey red, the slightly yellow beige was picked up at Hot Bargain on Carlisle Street. Yes, Balaclava has no fewer than half a dozen two-dollar shops but Hot Bargain is our favourite, for Tim because it is the closest and for me because it stocks a small range of haberdashery, including an abridged selection of Gütermann sewing threads. I'm always very happy when I can find what I want locally.

Bottom left are the materials for a bag that I intend to make, all recycled from op shop finds, the sewing thread all from the collection. I will be app
liquéing a tree to decorate the bag - brown lambswool jumper for the trunk, green cotton jumper for the leaves (using some unravelled cotton from that jumper as thread), felted orange jumper for birds using matching and contrasting threads.

Bottom right is the cotton miniskirt which will be pintucked to create a child's summer dress, using basic off-white (which I have somehow acquired four spools of).

There will be sewing time tomorrow - will there be a
finished project? or some progress four times over? Hmmm, I have some knitting to do ....


nikkishell said...

someone is going to be busy!
I saw a few woolen jumpers the other day in the op shop on Centre Road but had no cash on me. Would you like me to grab them for you? I think they were around $5-$7 each.

fiona said...

love the colours on the caftan top, sounds like you have lots to keep you occupied!!