Tuesday, 21 August 2007

i op therefore i am

I thought it time to post an update on my Wardrobe Refashion progress, three weeks into my pledge to not buy any new clothing. I must admit how pleased I was when I explained to Tim that I was only going to buy clothes at the op shop and make things for two months and he responded, 'But that's what you do anyway'.

So, I haven't bought anything new in the past three weeks, haven't even actually bothered looking at new clothing at all but I have been shopping, oh yes. To say that I live to (op) shop may be overstating things a bit but it is definitely one of my favorite activities. Fuelled by my previously confessed tendency to confuse buying the materials for a project with actually doing the project, in the last three weeks I have acquired more pre-loved materials with which to work than I could possibly use in two months. Not to mention plenty of items for myself, baby bear and the house.

I am constantly amazed by what is available at the op shop - the volume of stuff, the incredible quality of some of the garments, the creeping feeling that so much of what is manufactured new just doesn't need to be because there is already so much stuff out there. To promote the joy of op shopping I have started a collaborative blog called I op therefore I am. It's a site for people to show the great things that they have bought, to find out where the op shops are and to alert others to great buys. If you love to op shop and particularly if you live in Melbourne, Australia and would like to join in (please do!), click on the link and take a look.


Levin (and Emily) said...

yep - i am a shopper too - i think of a project, spend lots of time researching the best materials, go out and buy those materials and then i need to rest for a little while....or sometimes a long while.
i just wish i had better op shops in my area!

Melanie said...

Hi chubby cheeks.

Now you KNOW that I am an op shop addict. But perhaps you didn't know that it was your op shopping that got me keen...way back in 1987 when Levis 501s or black 555s (without careless washing machine streaks) were considered great finds.

Recently when visiting my local oppe shoppe, I was reminded of one of the less obvious reasons I love to op - the sheer...some might say brutal...honesty of the little ladies that run them.

I was looking at a baby's 100% cotton shirt with a frilled, yet sensible, collar. It was...what I reluctanlty now have to admit..."sportscar red". I had in mind that my red-headed deputy might like it. At the counter with money in hand I thought I'd double check with the assistant. "Do you think she can get away with this colour?" "Heavens no!" was the answer. "You can't put a red head in that". Tut Tut. Silly me! But how refreshing is it not having to fend off the misleading compliments of a sales assistant with a sales agenda!