Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Here's something that I haven't tried before - beaded knitting! Not on my list of resolutions, not recycled, predominantly not from stash - better make it a priority.

Actually, I just wanted to create an opportunity to wax lyrical about knit/lab. I recently knit Kerchief in exactly the yarns and colourways that the pattern recommends. I love the shape of it, the colours, the combination of lace and stranded knitting which I think is really unique and works so well in this design.

There are many other fabulous knit/lab patterns - exquisitely fine lace, beaded lace, stranded knitting that reminds me of old-fashioned wallpaper (in the very best way) - and the lines and motifs of many of the designs are really innovative. Also the photography is fantastic - very inspiring. I really encourage you to click over and have a look.

And now I have my sights set on Nine Lives - again some lace, some stranded colourwork and this time beads to boot (hence the purchase of 500-odd size 6/0 Matte Metallic Silver Round Japanese Seed Beads from Fusions Beads). The red used is the same as that in Kerchief - Rowan Pure Wool 4ply in 436 Kiss - and while I loved it as a band of red, it is not quite the red that I would like to have an entire stole from.

Why is it that some designs are so much more difficult to re-imagine in a another colourway? Particularly when a certain inspiration has been alluded to - I had a lot of trouble choosing a yarn for the Tibetan Clouds (not) Beaded Stole because all I could keep thinking of was the saffron of monks' robes, not a colour I would consider wearing or working with.

The inspiration for Nine Lives is apparently a book about India and with India, I just think of spices - more orange, tumeric, yellow, mustard - more not my colours. So the dilemma - what colours to go with? The website exclaims that it is "an opportunity to go crazy with your favorite colors" but I'm kind of stuck on the Indian influence. Maybe I will stick with the red, just choose a different shade, which means a different yarn, which means what yarn? Unh, I'll need nine lifetimes to work this all out.

* The knit/lab designer, Kieran Foley, also has a free pattern - Cold Mountain - available through Knitty.

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rachel said...

I recently finished a book set in India (The Game by Laurie R. King) It made me think of bright blues, bright greens, dust brown and hot pink. A bollywood movie might give some other color inspiration. The only one I have seen is Bride and Prejudice.