Monday, 24 January 2011

spot the odd one out

I bough this sweet t-shirt for little miss bear a few weeks ago at the thrift store. I loved that it had embroidery and some appliqué on it, that it was brown instead of pink or purple (for the most part).

I was, however, a little dazzled I think by all those sequins and failed to notice a small hole bang in the middle front. I am all for second-hand and recycled clothing but I draw the line at rips and stains.

So what was to be done? Well, mend it of course. This is usually very difficult on cotton jersey but fine when you have a lot of surface decoration to blend in with. I still have scattered around on the floor a few blue sequins from the mermaid outfit last Hallowe'en and I found some random silver sequins that had fallen off another dress-up. With some pink sewing thread and under my daughter's close supervision (she was practically sitting on me as she is wont to do these days, so close that I was a bit worried about her proximity to the needle) I strategically placed a couple of sequins.

The best part about all this was of course her company while I mended and the chat that we had about how mending the t-shirt meant that she would be able to keep it rather than it being thrown out (or more likely recycled into something). I truly hope that I will give her more with this top than just something to wear.

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