Saturday, 15 November 2008

amelia vs the universe

Lots of yarn shots today.

Many, many moons ago I was most worried as to whether there would be enough yarn from my frogged Elle b jumper with which to knit baby bear's baby ballerina top. Well, this is where we currently stand - I have completed the two fronts, the back, the collar and two long sleeves (I was also worried that I would have to abbreviate them but no, long sleeves). All that remains is to knit the ties (it's a wrap top) - 5 stitches of garter stitch wide, 36 cms long, times two. The great existential question now is, can I be bothered?

Another of my potential yarn-saving ideas was to use ribbons as ties instead and I have become quite attached to the idea. Velvet ribbons, about 2 cms wide? Lovely texture, will tie nicely. I actually do think that the linen that I have used would not be quite sturdy enough for ties. They would quickly become pulled out of shape. So good, that's decided. But now, where to find just the right caf
é au lait shade of velvet ribbon?

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