Thursday, 13 November 2008


Well, my little complain about the age of some of my works in progress seems to have whipped me into shape on them. A couple were easy - I frogged them.

Mavis - frogged. I knew that the stitch count was off but I couldn't remember which size I was knitting and couldn't work out where I was up to in the pattern so I decided to just relieve myself of the burden. It's also not imperative to knit a 4-ply short-sleeved cardi right now, even if they are puff sleeves. Back to the queue.

Morgan - frogged. I know, I hadn't even mentioned Morgan. In my search for a winter hat that wasn't a beanie I was swatching for Morgan, in the sense that I started to knit Morgan just to see if i could get gauge. A bit like the sleeve swatch except for a hat you actually have to start knitting it. So, I managed to merrily knit to about halfway through but didn't get gauge and decided to cut my losses.

Baby ballerina top - I frogged a sleeve. I was knitting both sleeves at once from either end of my remaining ball just in case the yarn ran short. Somehow I managed to not knit the sleeves the same so I frogged one of them and simply got on with the other. I'm confident that there will be enough yarn for both sleeves - hooray!

child care jumper - I didn't have to frog this one. I can't even find it!

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