Saturday, 8 November 2008


I'm in a bit of a slump. Baby bear is at childcare on Fridays and I spend the week thinking and planning and list writing in preparation for everything that I'm going to get done. Last night I fell asleep with grand plans about a day of solid making stuff. It's now 1:49pm and all I have managed is to wind some wool and sleep for an hour and a half. Hmm, perhaps that's just what I needed ...

I actually have some more finished projects to show. Yes, it's just a deluge of them around here. I've previously mentioned that my working style lately seems to be a lot of plugging away at various projects all at once, a little bit here, a little bit there, spreading myself rather too thinly. Finally a lot of these projects have come together and there are finished works to show. I'm trying my best to limit the new things that I am either planning, purchasing materials for or actually starting in order to have less things on the go at once.

So, before there are anymore finished projects, let's revisit some things that are still dragging on:

Baby ballerina cardigan - first mentioned on this here blog on 10 August 2007. Ouch! This was a me-vs-the-universe project because it was to be made from recycled yarn and I wasn't sure whether there would be enough. I have finished the back, fronts and collar and sewn it all up and it looks gorgeous. I just have to do the sleeves. Just. have. to.

Felted jumper bag - first mention on 7 October 2007. The tree and leaves are finished, I'm working (or rather not) on embroidering the birds. Then I'll affix them and actually make the bag up. Thank goodness no-one grows out of bags!

Childcare jumper - first mention ... hmm, never even got a mention? I think I'm going to rip this. It was supposed to be a thank you present to baby bear's childcare centre - in Melbourne. And not a we're-leaving-for-Seattle-thank-you present (which would be only five months or so late) but a thank-you-for-all-your-help-with-settling-us-in-to-childcare present. That would have been at around the six month mark. Eighteen months ago. It's finished of course, except for the seaming. I realised that the shoulders don't quite match up perfectly and that was enough to put me off. Yes, should just finish the bloody thing and give it to some deserving child.

Mavis puff-sleeved cardi - first mention on 21 April 2008. I have knit quite a lot of it but got an incorrect stitch count and put it down on 30 June 2008. Notice a pattern here of being easily discouraged by a small hitch?

Tam for baby bear - first mention on 30 June 2008 when it was practically finished. But I blocked it over a plate and the opening is now too large so I have to put some elastic in the brim. Said elastic was purchased on 31 August 2008. And it's cold now so she really could do with that hat!

Jeremy - first mention 7 November 2007 and it's finished! Oooh, only 12 months. I finished sewing the zip in on Monday evening. Photos? Have to go and get the car emissions tested first. What else to do on a crafty day?

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Tam said...

Funnily enough, last Tuesday when I headed off to Playgroup with my Gorman bag in hand, I wondered... "Has Amelia finished her bag?"
Thanks for the answer! I look forward to seeing a finished product one day soon.xx