Saturday, 8 November 2008

on a lighter note

Ah, seem to have recovered from my earlier dip - here is the yarn that I wound up today:

Or rather, unwound from skeins into hanks. I bought this lot at Value Village on Lake City Way a couple of weeks ago. Six balls (one partly used though) of 25 grams, packaged as three lots at $1.99 each. I think that the yarn is from Japan but this is only because I bought a few other balls that were definitely from Japan on the same day and just assume that they came from the same person. Anyway, this yarn is lovely and fine, lace weight perhaps and I have made it into two hanks:

It's almost quite sculptural isn't it? I'm planning on dyeing this yarn on Tuesday (public holiday in the US). I hope that I can get a brown/purple/deep pink thing going. I have never dyed yarn before but am going to have some help so promise to show how it goes.

And in a determined effort to actually document some works in progress here is some lovely yarn that I bought earlier this year from Handart in Zurich:

It is difficult to capture the absolute shade of a yarn, isn't it? One last effort there at the right. And as you can see, these skeins come with a special extra card of thread to use as reinforcement in the toes and heels. I don't think this is an admission of the yarn's ineptitude for the job, just a Swiss extra.

This is strictly speaking not yet a work in progress, it is a pre-work in progress; the yarn is wound, the pattern has been printed out (Baudelaire from Knitty), a plastic ziplock bag has been assigned. I just can't find my blasted 2.25mm Addi Turbo circular that I bought a few weeks ago specifically for sock knitting - bother. Might be pre-work in progress for a while.

ps. I've been using ravelry a lot more lately. I changed my user name to yarncycle because I like to use recycled yarn. That's what has prompted me to pay attention to when things were started and finished. In some ways it's great to know when you started things, in others ... well, see post below.


Anina said...

I'm glad you feel better. Ravelry is GREAT, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

am jealous that you were dyeing yarn today. i was at work :( no holiday for me :(