Monday, 24 November 2008


I have been using Ravelry a lot lately. I think that it's part of the desire that I currently have to get things in order. I've been assigning yarns to projects and thinking about knit categories and priorities. I'm really keen to use up some of the yarn that I have lying around - some of it has been carted across the Pacific and deserves to be used.

Unfortunately, the Ravelry queue doesn't quite accommodate my knitting plans so here they are for your (dubious) edification.

sock knitting
current - Baudelaire - going well, have completed the gusset and am about to start the heel on the first sock. I'm liking it.

next - Jaywalker in Noro Kureyon sock yarn, shade S233 - my mum chose this yarn when she visited and I want to try the Jaywalker pattern. I might even do it toe up.
and then - Travelling Stitch Legwarmers - I actually bought some new yarn for these (Louet Gems fingering weight in eggplant), an unusual state of affairs as I am quite committed to yarn recycling these days.

practical knitting
current - basic cuff-up mittens - in hand-dyed recycled yarn (90% lambswool, 10% angora from a Gap sweater). I have done one so far - I think that the ribbing could be tighter and both the hand and thumb shorter. They're size 2-3 years but I would be amazed if they didn't get lost before then!
next - foliage hats - presents for friends who sent our camera back to us from Switzerland, twice*. I'm going to use up some Manos del Uruguay that I have in stash and more of the recycled grey lambswool that I used to knit the wide-brimmed hat.
and then - oh, how to choose? Dashing, Cabled Cowl, Ice Queen?

project knitting
current - Swallowtail shawl - enjoying it already.
next - Now this is where it really opens up! It could be anything but there are actually some yarns that I have that I really want to use up - a recycled cotton/linen/silk in a bright indigo blue and a recycled heathered dark green Shetland wool. We'll see how swallowtail goes but I am thinking more lace. Then there's the small issue that I have never actually knit an adult garment ...

* We left our camera on our friend's kitchen table in Zurich back in May this year. He sent it through to Germany (our next stop) but it didn't arrive until after we had already departed. When it did finally arrive it was held by customs who wanted duty to be paid on it. We had by now returned to Australia anyway so we let it be returned to our friend in Switzerland who had now departed on a three-month tour of South East Asia. Upon his return to Europe he sent the camera through to us here in the United States. It arrived on Friday.


Jessica said...

Careful with those Jaywalkers. They are notoriously tight in the heel. And the Kureyon Sock has no stretch at all so together they might make socks that you can't get on your foot.

Jeanne said...

I made Jaywalkers and they are fine in the heel--but I made them out of Lorna's Laces Sock.

I love the Baudelaires! Beautiful!