Saturday, 22 November 2008

baby belle

Giddy, absolutely giddy. That is the best way to describe how I feel about the baby ballerina top now that I have finally completed it.

Pattern: Baby Ballerina Top from Debbie Bliss' Quick (ahem) Baby Knits
Yarn: Linen recycled from an Elle B jumper purchased at the Salvation Army in St Kilda. The thread was four threads in thickness. I made it five threads by painstakingly separating one thread out from the rest and combining it with another four-thread strand. I have no idea now how I did it.
Needles: 3.75mm bamboo straights (I think).
Start to Finish: 10 August 2007 to 21 November 2008; yes, that's one year three months and eleven days. Quick eh?

Comments: I can hardly believe that I have actually finished this project! So much procrastinating, so much putting it aside, so much more procrastinating. And then a solid concerted effort to get it finished that just built up like a crescendo. It was so long ago that I started it though that I have forgotten (blocked out?) a few things about it. I substituted the yarn obviously and that required some fiddling - not sure what. I think that i had to make some of my own decisions about what decrease to use along the sloping front edges. I went for something bold. Anything would be ok as long as it is consistent.

The pattern is fine and I guess could be quick if you ... anyway, short row garter stitch collar which has a very nice shape and also short rows on the garter stitch front band (about where the ties attach). I wasn't happy with how this part turned out which is why the ribbon ties are covering the corner - "design feature".

I think that I now understand what hand and drape mean. Linen has gorgeous hand and drape. It feels beautiful to touch and is almost liquid when you handle it. I didn't knit the ties; instead I found a ribbon in just the perfect shade in the ribbon room at Nancy's Sewing Basket. It's pure silk and at US$6.90 a yard is the most expensive thing about this whole garment!

Verdict: Giddy, still giddy. Quite to my amazement I have created something that I think is truly beautiful. The colour, the texture, the shape, the ribbon, I just love it.


CurlyPops said...

It is truly's one of those things that I actually want to feel because it looks so soft and delicate. When are they going to invent screens that let you do that?

Anonymous said...

every photo made me oooh and aahhhh. this cardi is so beautiful and the effort involved in reworking the yarn blows me away!

leslie said...

you have every right to be giddy and then some, it is GORGEOUS!

Pink Dogwood said...

I've got this book on my coffee table right now and am working on a simple hat. I've been eyeing this pattern and wondering if I should attempt it... Lovely work.

Anonymous said...

it looks beautiful , what a lot of work put into it ,looks very snuggly too and the ribbon is just right as you say

melissa said...

i'm so happy for you that you finally finished it and that it was a success. and pure silk ribbon! that sounds gorgeous. now you get to start something new!

Victoria said...

Baby Balerina top is so gorgeous. Be sure to post some photos of it being worn when/if you get some!

Victoria said...

p.s. I wish I had a very small girl to dress in knitted clothing at my house!!