Monday, 30 July 2007


They say that it's never too early to start your child on reading; nor is it too early to start your child on modern art history. What a terrific idea though, to take Andy Warhol drawings and make a colour book for children. It's Andy Warhol's Colors by Susan Goldman Rubin and was a gift to baby bear - thank you Renée!

I remember going in 1985 to see the Pop Art 1955-70 exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. What I remember most vividly is Roy Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl image but there were surely Andy Warhol pieces in there as well.

Well, first thing tomorrow morning (or at least as soon as I can) I will be casting on in my recycled linen for the ballerina top. Yes, that means that I have finished seaming the baby bobble jacket and have even sewn on the fastenings. Looking back over the previous post I see that reading about seaming is just as onerous as doing it so I won't go into it any further! There will be photos tomorrow.


Di said...

perfect use for Pop Art I think!
btw- the links to the australian libraries site aren't working for me- they bring up an error message page from their site instead of the book.

Amelia said...

thanks for the tip, Di. have gone back and changed book links to Amazon - hope that they work now.

knittingajour said...

This is the best name for a blog! Happy knitting and blogging, uit Nederland gewenst.

Carson said...

warhol childrens book!? fantastic idea