Tuesday, 24 July 2007

in praise of hoarding

A few years ago the mother of a friend of ours passed away. She was a craftsy* woman and our friend was kind enough to let me go through her craft supplies to see if there was anything that I wanted, which of course there was.

This brings us to yesterday when I was cleaning out a cupboard, trying to create more storage space out of thin air and look what I found (again):

So lovely - the braid is 83mm wide and there is not quite a metre of it, the buttons I think are made of glass. They were both packed away in a little souvenir bag with line drawings of scenes that I recognised as being from Vienna (and a sticker that says Wien) so I gather that they came from Austria. That would be 50 schillings then for the buttons.

What shall I use them for? Craft-wise my mind always turns to things to make for baby bear. I have some black cotton velvet (recycled out of a skirt that I bought at the op shop) that I could perhaps make a dress from. Wouldn't the braid look lovely as a waist band?

The buttons are about the size of a 5c coin - perhaps a pale blue cotton cardi? I do have just the thing in Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton, shade 218 Cloudless; yes, I have it hoarded away somewhere ...

* I prefer craftsy to crafty, to say that she was a crafty woman could be construed as an insult and it just reminds me of those Beastie Boy lyrics.


ingrid said...

Those buttons are heavenly!

Kitty said...

OMIGOSH, these buttons are GORGEOUS* Can't WAIT to see what these appear on!
Congrats on the blog, AWESOME!