Sunday, 29 July 2007


Whoa - a little bit of green food colouring goes a long way!

These are the choc mint cupcakes from last weekend, all iced up and off to Parkville for a crafternoon. Thanks for hosting Gloria!

I worked on seaming the baby bobble jacket - again. Last night, until late, I was busy seaming one of the sleeves to the body, the sleeve seam and the side seam. This morning baby bear obliged with a fitting and I decided that the sleeves were way too long. I had knitted three and a half repeats of the pattern into the sleeves and frogged both back the half repeat. Now I have both sleeves seamed to the body and it's just sleeve and side seams to go. Hooray! Seaming is so onerous and I can't wait to cast on for the ballerina top in linen but I must
complete something first.

I also turned the heel on the first sock for Tim's dad this afternoon. It will be my first pair of adult-sized socks - very standard Patons sock pattern but so much fun watching the stripes emerge in the self-patterning wool.

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