Monday, 16 July 2007

do you have a blog?

I was first asked this question in September 2005 when I was on holiday in London. I attended the Central London Knitters group in the cafe at Foyle's and upon discovering that I was from Australia, that was the first question that they asked. At the time I was in awe of all the great knit blogs that I had seen and the idea of having my own - 'heavens no'.

I was asked the same question this Friday past and my response was, 'no i don't, but it's about time I did'. What prompted me to change my mind? I was chatting with a dear friend last week and she was waxing nostalgic for her former life in London. Me, I was just waxing lyrical about my current life, 'enthused' is the word for how I feel about the here and now. And I want to share it with the world.

So here it is - welcome to bollewangenhaptoet. This is an affectionate nickname in Dutch for a child with chubby cheeks; it's what my great-uncle called me as a child. Most of the
family photos are in storage at the moment but here is a very early shot of me, perhaps just a day or so old.

So what will this blog be about? Well knitting, because that's where it all started, also some sewing (I hope), some other crafting, stories of my op shopping adventures, a bit of family life, some info about my local area - whatever takes my fancy really. I hope that you enjoy - please spread the word!

Still don't have a mobile phone though.


pam said...

Dear Amelia,
How clever are you?
This is going to be fun.
If I were to take a few pics of your favourite mystery holiday place you could make a Tasmanian connection?
love Pam
ps have your received the DVD yet?

OzKnitter said...

Welcome to the world of blogs! Love the pic of you as a baby :o)

Ceels said...

Hi Amelia,

I've just begun my own blog too. I am glad to have found yours and can still find out about your knitting and stuff seeing as I so rarely get to meets these days.

Hope you and the little one are well


greenolive said...

Hi Amelia,

are you the Amelia I met at Nicki's a few Fridays ago? How cool you started your blog. I promise to visit often, us new kids on the block need to support each other!


Martine (aka greenolive)

Tim said...

Dear Domestic Goddess,

Nice pics, thanks for the scarf :-).



Kylie said...

Hi Amelia - welcome to the world of blogging! Hope to see many interesting and exciting things in here - cant wait to see your knitting!

Sam R - Gat said...

How talented you are Amelia! Enjoyed the read

Cheers, Sam - Gat