Thursday, 26 July 2007

stitch 'n' bitch

I love to knit.

What more is there to say? My crafting tale starts about 5 years ago when I visited a family friend in Tasmania who taught me to crochet - thanks Pam! As I crocheted my way through a scarf, some slippers and a bedspread (queen size - oh yeah!) I discovered Irish crochet lace and developed an interest in lace. Finally, I learnt to knit bc I wanted to make knitted lace. Four years of knitting later, I still want to make some lace but have been sidetracked by baby blankets, numerous
scarves, more slippers, baby clothes etc.

Yesterday evening I went to the South Yarra meet of the Melbourne Stitch 'n' Bitch group. A small turn out but enjoyable as always. I've been knitting with the Melbourne group at various locations for a couple of years now and it has opened up a world of knitting, friends and blogs to me for which I am so very grateful. Thank you Kitty B for setting up the group.

Here's a snap of what I am working on:

It's the baby bobble jacket from Debbie Bliss' Cotton knits for all seasons : 25 projects for babies, children, and adults. An astute knitting friend commented to me the other day that I knit for texture rather than shape and recommended that I try some knitted lace (will do). So far I have finished all of the baby bobble jacket pieces and now have to seam it up (this is where my projects tend to fall down) and knit the collar. Hopefully I'll have a finished object and all the vital statistics for you within a few days.

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