Thursday, 19 July 2007


Ah, the fallibility of memory. It was last Thursday that I saw the lovely children's coat in Armadale and Tuesday that I saw the lovely stock at Cutting Edge and was convinced that they were one and the same fabric. Hmm, not so sure now. Yesterday I was walking down Gelnhuntly Road in Elsternwick and in the window of a children's wear shop saw yet another jacket, but I'm pretty sure that this is the fabric:

This is the fabric that they have at Cutting Edge:

There is certainly a similarity. Apparently it also came in cream with red and white embroidery but that sold out v quickly.

And the reason for wandering down Glenhuntly Road yesterday? Ah, I took baby bear to the Spit the Dummy session at the Elsternwick Classic Cinema along with a couple of other mums from my parents' group. Black Book was showing and I really enjoyed it. It's a WWII Nazi spy drama/thriller set in the Netherlands. The director is Paul Verhoeven (he of Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers and Showgirls fame) and the film is highly stylised - the glamour is glamorous, the dirt is dirty, the goodies are good and the baddies are bad, but with just enough ambiguity in there to keep it interesting. I hadn't realised that it would be subtitled though - not that I mind a subtitled film at all, it's just hard to keep your eyes glued to the screen while keeping an eye on the 10 month old crawling around on the floor at your feet, heading for the nearest cable and picking up yesterday's lost popcorn. Thank you Elsternwick Classic for having these sessions, I love being able to go to the movies.

There is also a finished knitted item to show but I'm going to save that for tomorrow - oooh, the anticipation!

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