Saturday, 15 November 2008


I've always called it an aubergine, not eggplant. I love the word aubergine, it's delicious to say.

So, remember that really fine white wool that I bought a few weeks ago at Value Village? Well, the very excellent Val from Actual Size Creations held a dyeing party at her house on Tuesday and (with a great amount of help from her) I produced this:

Now it's aubergine.

A lace-weight clapotis?
Yes, I realise that I am waaay behind the times here. Clapotis was the viral knitting when I first joined the Melbourne stitch'n'bitch group some three years ago or more. The pattern itself is some four years old already and on Ravelry alone there are 8,524 finished versions.

I've been thinking about it for a long time. At first I felt compelled to do it in Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb but it was so hard to choose a colourway and the price was prohibitive anyway. The clapotis craze has grown larger than Lion and Lamb now though - I have seen it in lots of different sizes and yarns, including a lovely sock-yarn version. I think that it would lend itself well to displaying the very subtle semi-solid variagation in this yarn. Well, I can always swatch up and see.

Thank you so much Val for having us and for all of your assistance.


Suse said...

Hand dyeing yarn now?!

Slippery slope.


Stacey said...

Call it what you will, its a beautiful colour.
Don't you just love the beautiful colour variation achieved with hand dyeing?