Friday, 31 December 2010

catch up

Just to be clear, I didn't knit these! This is actually a refashion of a Country Road cardigan (again, something that I brought with me from Australia). The wool is incredibly soft so I wanted to make something from it for baby b to wear. Given how long it can take to knit something and how quickly babies grow, cutting up an existing woollen and sewing something new is a very cost-effective alternative. And again, I like the play on scale that comes from adult-size cables on a child-size garment.

I kept the existing button and buttonhole bands for the front and used my overlocker to finish the edges of the garment pieces. I actually sewed and finished them both by hand.

I'm not sure whether this fabric was a bit bulky for the overlocker's liking but it did give it quite a wavy edge, despite using the differential mechanism to tighten it up a bit. This is only evident from the inside so I'm not too bothered.

I would like to experiment a bit more with knitted fabrics - that is, knitted woollens - to discover just what the machine can cope with and still give an attractive finish.

Other parts of this garment were frogged to provide the yarn that I used to knit the Ivorie hat so this cardigan has been well re-used. And unlike last year when I kept remembering more things that I made, this is my very last finished project for 2010.

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Leonie said...

Can understand the need for quick things for small people, they seem to grow overnight sometimes. The pieces look very interesting with all of the cabling, etc. Did you ever take a photo of the original garment? Just curious really :-)