Monday, 20 December 2010

spot the difference

Remember those 'activities' from childhood? I always found that the differences were too glaringly obvious or so subtle that I was too impatient to actually search them out.

Anyway, observe:

The offending detail in the left-hand photo (reproduced from the previous post) is that there is a mistake, mostly concealed by the roll of the shawl's edge. It can just be seen on the far left of the fill-in triangle - the pattern in the last few rows doesn't line up.

The difference in the right-hand photo is that this mistake has been fixed and all of the rows now line up nicely. This entailed major shawl surgery because I just couldn't bear to undo it all. I actually just dropped back some 30 stitches for the offending section and re-knit it. Then there were a couple of full rows to deal with which had been knit subsequent to the top photo. The whole process took me the whole day. Absolutely worth it, otherwise I'd be looking at that mistake for the rest of my life.

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Leonie said...

Would have done my head in to!!!