Friday, 31 December 2010


The Vital Statistics
Jutta Beret by Staceyjoy Elkin from Handmade Underground Knitwear: 25 fun accessories for all seasons.
one size.
Reynolds Lopi that I bought at Crown Hill Value Village here in Seattle.
Start to finish: 26 December to 28 December 2010.
Stash/recycle content:
100 per cent thrift store yarn that was in my stash - hooray!

I was attracted by the geometric design of this hat an have wanted to use up some of the Lopi for ages. They seemed like a good match and I wanted a tam that was not a version of red (like my other two).

I think that this project would have benefited from a slightly smaller needle size. I was feeling impatient and don't have a 6.5mm circular so I used 7mm. As it is, I feel that the tam is too segmented - I don't know whether this is because of the design (cables and twisted stitches divided by columns of reverse stocking stitch) or that I didn't block it vigorously enough. I am tentative about blocking it any further though as then it might be too big. I do have another ball of the Lopi, and it was a quick knit so perhaps it's actually time to enhance my circular needle collection.

Verdict: I'll wear this in the meantime but I may give it a second shot.

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