Sunday, 5 December 2010


I am easily distracted. While I can sit and knit on something for literally hours on end, if I am not in the right state of mind then any other possible knitting project will grab me and sweep me away. Preferably a new project.

Ways of working fascinate me, particularly my own (forgive the egocentricity but it is my own that I have to deal with most often and get to observe most closely). I often feel as though I am getting nowhere with my projects because I have so many on the go at once. I do a little here, a little there and make no discernible progress, which is both disappointing and frustrating. These past few months I have made the knitted veil my priority and it is going really well. I have completed 71 of the 100 edge repeats and by my (somewhat arbitrary) calculations, I am about 90 per cent of the way there. This is thrilling and I am so excited that completion is in sight. Perhaps it is success nerves that have made me cast on two other lace projects over the past few days?

Admittedly, working on the veil edging is demanding. It's fine gauge, follow the chart, concentrated effort. I do need something else to knit in my down time and besides it's getting cold here and people need hats (more on that next time). But sometimes I just need to knit something different and sometimes there is a project that has grabbed my attention and I have chosen or even bought yarn* for it and really, I just can't wait. That's what this is - the Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole by Sivia Harding, available for free (but I'm not going to use beads on mine). I have knit the first 17 rounds, you know, just to see what the yarn looks like knitted up, just to get a feel for it. And I think that I'm satisfied for now. It's back to the veil for 29 more repeats.

* Malabrigo Sock in colourway Persia - my first time using Malabrigo and it is lovely.

(The second project is the other arm of the In the Pink Stole.)

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