Tuesday, 14 December 2010

putting it together

Action shot! Shawl construction in progress.

I wet blocked my three pieces of the In the Pink shawl, just by soaking them for a bit, pressing out the moisture and then laying them flat to dry (usually for lace I would do vigorous pinning but this was just to flatten them out a bit and make them easier to work with). What you see above, besides being a photograph taken under the brightest light in the house at four in the afternoon without a flash, is the left arm and central swirl in roughly the position in which they will be joined.

Just to note, the arm is a crescent-shaped piece, knit from the centre of the straight edge. All of the stitches on the curved edge are currently being kept live on a piece of blue waste yarn. Along the right-hand half of the edge is an eight stitch-wide border. All of the stitches around the swirl are also live and on waste yarn.

Now here is how the arm and the swirl are going to be joined - those eight edge stitches will continue to be knit back and forth and will attach (every other row) to the live stitches along one of the swirl segments, in much the same fashion as a knitted-on edging would.

What will this look like? Umm, I'll show you when I've actually done it.

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Leonie said...

Still seems weird and unlikely, can't wait for the pictures :-)